Any wedding can be a green wedding I could be wrong but one reason I believe some brides have hesitations towards having a green wedding is because they fear the style. Perhaps they believe going green means you have to sacrifice chicness? This is a day many brides have been dreaming about since they were little girls and I completely understand they do not want their wedding to be "too hippie" or drab. However, unfortunately, herein lies a huge misconception. I truly believe any wedding can be a green wedding; it can still be chic, unique and a reflection of the couple's individual taste. It just requires creativity and an open mind; that is also what makes it so fun! I found this Seattle wedding on theknot and decided to use it as a template to showcase how any green wedding can still be a classy black tie affair. Let the greening begin! To begin with these exotic and beautiful orchid flowers are obviously not native to Seattle and most likely have a fairly high carbon footprint. However, if orchid wedding flowers were an item the bride felt strongly about then there are still some green alternatives. For example, she could have used a local, organic florist to ensure these flowers were not grown with toxic pesticides. I would definitely classify her shoes as green. No, no just because the color. :) Rather because she chose shoes that fit her personal style as well as her wedding. These shoes can and definitely should be worn again. They are so cute! Their ceremony and reception were held at the same place therefore minimizing the amount of travel for their guests. They used a lot of flowers and decor for the reception and could have made their event more green by using less cut flowers and more natural decor to compliment some of the orchids and lilies. The candles they might have been able to do without given the lighting used by the restaurant. If absolutely necessary they could have chosen soy candles. The programs could have been printed by a local Seattle printer on 100% post consumer recycled paper with eco-friendly ink. All images courtesy of theknot I love that they used cupcakes as most wedding cakes never fully get eaten. This was a green alternative and could have been even more eco-savvy had they used a local, organic baker. -Kate Hughes

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