Its the little things... Many of us women are concerned about the environment and want to do our part to protect it for future generations. However, some of us are not quite ready to forgo our dream Yang wedding gown for a dress made out of recycled fabric. (I walk by Luly Yang' s shop on 4th Avenue everyday and am obsessed with her dresses). I think many people have a pre-conceived opinion about what it means to "go green". Often times we can have a big impact by making small changes to our lifestyle. For example, I rarely turn the light on in my office, and instead use the natural light projected from my window. And believe it or not, even our Seattle weather provides me with a fully lit office. In addition, the Starbucks cup that holds my semi-complicated "Grande Americano with light cream, two Splenda and three pumps of sugar-free vanilla syrup" is thrown in our company compost bin instead of the trash. Making small changes to your wedding ceremony or reception can save you money and impact our environment as well. Think about how many weddings occur each year and how little changes compile into making a real difference. Did you know the average wedding emits anywhere from 9-16 tons of Carbon Dioxide into the air on a single day? That is more CO2 than you or I will emit within an entire year! One suggestion I have on ways to reduce unnecessary waste is to look to your past for inspiration. This helps cut costs and adds a personal touch to your celebration. For my wedding, I used my parents wedding glasses for the traditional toast and their knife set to cut our cake. Using these items provided us with a sentimental touch and retro flare, while eliminating our need to buy two new items for one time use. I know these changes may sound small and insignificant in the grand scheme of things, but trust me, they really add up. -Monica Cripe

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